Mar 30, 2022

How to Pin a Boutonnière or Corsage

In this post, I’ll show you how to pin a boutonnière or corsage so that it is secure and straight, and won’t fall off! The word boutonnière is French for “buttonhole. However, it does NOT go through the buttonhole of
the lapel. Instead, pin it just above the buttonhole with the stem down.

Brooke Boyd Photo + Film

Pinning a Boutonnière

Step 1: Take the first pin and push the pin through the left lapel from the back.

Step 2: Weave it through the wide base of the boutonniere, where the flowers
are gathered and wrapped.

Step 3: Push the pin back through the lapel.

The next pin is optional, but if there will be dancing with the boutonnière on, I highly recommend a second pin to firmly secure the boutonnière.

Josh Williams Photography

Step 4: Use the same technique but this time start at the top. Push the pin down
through the lapel from the back.

Step 5: Weave it through the stem and push the pin back through the lapel.

Pinning a Corsage

A pin on Corsage is similar but a bit trickier because you cannot hide the pearl of the pin behind a lapel and a gown is a less sturdy base to hold the flower. Like a boutonnière, the corsage goes on the
left side.

Step 1: Hold the corsage against the wearer’s chest, just below the left shoulder. Be sure to
consider the neckline of the outfit and the jewelry when determining placement. Also, ask the
wearer if they plan on leaving their jacket or shawl on all evening so that you can pin through
both pieces of clothing. If there is a sheer material, look for something stiffer to pin through. A bra
strap may be the best bet.

Step 2: While holding the corsage in place, place the first pin in through the
material, out of the material, and then push it up through the stem.

Add a second pin to keep it secure. For this pin, you’ll want to direct it down instead of up.

Step 3: Once again go in the fabric, then out, and then pin straight down through the stem.

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