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In this blog, I’ll share a quick checklist of items to set aside for your photographer on wedding day. These details add richness and depth to your wedding story. Since you have carefully chosen your wedding rings, attire, floral, invitation suite, etc. its important to prioritize those items on wedding day. These elements expand upon the overall feel of a wedding day, and even set the tone for your wedding gallery.

1. Invitation Suite

Xistence Photography

Include your invitation, envelope and any inserts. If you used a calligrapher, bring along an addressed envelope. And if you had mailings for a save the date or postponement, bring them all. If you used special stamps, include a few loose ones. Include the wax seal if you used one as well.

2. Loose Stems and Greenery

This isn’t something you collect beforehand, but you should ask your florist for a few stems for your flat lay. Fresh floral will look so nice next to all the special items you’ll have photographed.

3. Jewelry

Your rings of course but also any special items you are wearing.

4. A Ring Box

Coordinate your box with your wedding colors, or choose a dish or other container to display them. Check with your parents or grandparents for something special or visit an antique store.

(Photo by Brocato Photography Collective)

5. Perfume or Cologne

The Crawfords Photography

Get a new bottle of your signature or a new scent.

6. Religious Items

If there’s a special item like rosary or prayer beads that are important to you, consider wrapping your bouquet with them or simply have them set aside for a picture.

7. Shoes

You’ll have these with you, but have them set aside for the photographer when she arrives so they can be part of the pics.

8. Something old, new, borrowed and blue.

If you’re doing this tradition.

9. Lipstick

10. Vow Books

Write your vows in a pretty book that you’ll want to keep.

11. First Date Memorabilia

Tickets to the first concert you went to, a cocktail napkin, and old picture. Anything that means something to your relationship.

12. Cufflinks
13. Tie & Suspenders
14. Dress and/or Suit

15. Get away outfit

Pack up the small items in a shoe box. On the morning of your wedding, have all these items set aside in a corner or table where the photographer and videographer can quickly access them. It may take up to one hour for them to shoot these details. If they are stuck searching they may take longer, or miss one of your items. Give your Best Man and Maid of Honor a heads up that they’ll need to get the rings from the photographer and bring them to the ceremony.

And that’s it for your detail items, thank you for reading and happy wedding planning.

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