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Cohesive design evokes consistent feelings and emotions from guests from the time they open your invitation to the moment they send you off at the end of the wedding night. The layers of the story you tell will determine how long the memory will last in the hearts and minds of you and your guests.
Here are our top 5 secrets to keeping your design cohesive no matter what your style or budget may be.

1. Start with the Big Picture.

Spend time exploring ideas from a big picture perspective. Notice what you are drawn to and explore those ideas. Later you’ll take the time to develop and fine-tune the specific wedding design.

2. Define your terms.

Pull words that accurately describe your style from magazines, books, social or wherever you are finding inspiration. Narrow your description down to 3-4 words. You’ll use this style description to communicate with your creative team so that everyone is on the same page.

3. Curate your Color Palette.

Get specific with the colors you want to see in your design. Remember to include both accent and background colors. You can modify your palette over time, but the more changes you make later in the planning process, the harder it will be to keep the palette cohesive across each element of the design.

4. Conceptualize the Space.

Before you choose the venue, consider the key elements that are important for your design. For the ceremony, what sort of altar or backdrop do you envision? How will your guests be seated? What will the aisle décor include? For the reception, what is the focal point? How will the meal be served? How can you embody your design into the floral, lighting, tablescape, menu, signage, and entertainment?

5. Summarize Your Findings.

Take the design process to the next level by creating a comprehensive design board. Include pictures or drawings that illustrate the big picture, your 3-4 word style description, a color palette with pictures of where you’d like the colors incorporated, and pictures or sketches that show the key elements of the ceremony and reception spaces. Refer to this design board for each wedding decision. This will keep each element in harmony with the next.

Use these secrets to polish your overall design and leave a lasting impression beyond the wedding day. Thank you for reading our blog and Happy Wedding Planning!

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