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Get to know the team behind the scenes of the most iconic and memorable weddings in the south. 

Our services are set apart by the wealth of diversity in our team. While we hold training and processes in high regard, we also cherish the varied perspectives that each team member contributes. 

Our work environment is one of encouragement, and one that nurtures the need to live, to learn, and to feel valued and significant. We require comprehensive internal certification that includes initial and continued training, extensive experience, mentorship, tested skill competency, and ongoing support. We pool our knowledge, expertise and experience to bring the highest level of service to our clients within a positive and encouraging culture

Uncommon Camellia provides wedding design, planning and coordination through qualified and vetted contractors who have completed our internal training program. As a prospective client, you have complete access to a bio about each of our team members (below) as well as team member qualifications. Before booking, you’ll have a no obligation consultation with your Lead Coordinator or Lead Planner. This is the person that will work with you directly from booking through the wedding day. We want you to have the chance to get to know that person before booking. You can rest assured knowing that your UC team member is trained in our uniform processes, has access and competency in utilizing our trademarked tools, and is thoroughly supported to provide the same level of professionalism and excellence that we deliver to every one of our clients.




During the actual wedding weekend, everything seems so seamless and I know that's because of all of her work in making sure it felt that way.

-cassidy s

Natalie was the best wedding coordinator I ever could've dreamed of!!


Ashely was our Lead Coordinator with Laura, and they both went above and beyond to make sure the day went smoothly.

I am here to tell you to HIRE UNCOMMON CAMELLIA!!


-Kate B

Booking with Alexis was the BEST decision I made for my wedding. If I could give her 100 Starts I would.Alexis and Brie allowed me to fully enjoy my day, they thought of things I didn’t and made sure everything ran flawlessly!


my wedding went perfectly!

I had Heather and Brie as my planners. When there was a problem they took care of it right away...I couldn't recommend them enough. I don't know whay I would have done without them.

Hiring Maria Gomila from Uncommon Camellia to be our day of coordinator was HANDS DOWN the best decision we made for our wedding. 

We were able to feel totally at ease, and enjoy our big day with absolutely zero worries...


Amelie and Krystle were absolutely wonderful!!


We planned the wedding from California and they made it absolutely beautiful. Amelie was so helpful and wonderful during the planning process and she made our stress non existent. 

Alexis Nelson

Alexis Nelson is a milkshake loving travel enthusiast who speaks French and dons a capsule wardrobe that belongs on Pinterest. She’s is an advocate for positivity and living every moment to the fullest. She has grit and determination and it shows in the full and happy life she lives. 

She has a combo of experience in the hospitality and legal industries. She maintains laser focus on the timeline and details of the day, while providing the support and encouragement that every couple deserves. 

When she’s not making wedding dreams come true, you can find her leading the cheering section at the little league field for one of her 3 children.. She and her husband love making memories together, most of which Lexy documents on camera. 

Ashley Brien

Ashley can find a solution to any problem. With more than 12 years of customer service experience, she calmly faces every challenge with positivity and grace. 

She's an LSU graduate and has extensive leadership training that builds upon her natural ability to lead. She has in depth experience as a liability and performance consultant and speaks fondly of her season in the corporate world. 

Ashley is married to Clark, her best friend and fellow foodie. She’s an animal lover and a self-proclaimed home body. Yet, she’s always up for a good time and we find her the life of the party! She is stylish and witty and makes her minivan seem like a corvette. Really, she’ll make you think minivans are that cool.

Amélie Pizza

Amélie is focused, hard-working and reliable mixed perfectly with her contagious positivity and love for life. 

Amélie has worked with venues and vendors across New Orleans and the Northshore and has established a reputation as a top wedding professional. Amélie is an LSU grad with a BS in Education. 

Amélie’s couples have noted her stellar work ethic and how that makes things swing in her favor when obstacles arise. She's cool under pressure, finds joy in anything, commands the room, and organizes like a true boss. 

In addition to being a stellar coordinator, Amélie serves as our YouTube strategist. She is the mastermind behind the development, production, and editing of our YouTube show.

Natalie Atkinson

She's super organized, relaxed, experienced, good hearted and FUN to be around. She loves new people and appreciates unique styles and tastes. 

When’s she not hustling to make couples’ wedding dreams come true, she’s playing with her son, hanging with her girlfriends, or sippin’ wine on the back porch with her hubby. 

Natalie has worked in the service industry since she was 17, as a server, bartender, expediter, hostess and floor manager. She knows the ins and outs of every position in this field. She can also mix any drink you can think of! Combine that experience with her 10+ years working in commercial property and general liability insurance and you’ve got a uniquely qualified wedding planner and coordinator. 

Tori Heier

She’ll give you her unwavering support and all the grit needed to make your day happen the way you’ve dreamed. Tori has a contagious and fun-loving spirit that makes work feel like play and challenges feel like adventures. 

Tori is a teacher by day, coordinator by night, break and weekend! She holds a BS in Education from OLHC. 

When she is not coordinating or teaching, you’ll most likely find Tori at Tiger Stadium, planning her next vacay, or enjoying the outdoors. She’s a true Louisiana girl with a love for the Big Easy. 

She has a caring and energetic spirit, but if you need her to clear Jackson Square, refocus unruly groomsmen, find your runaway ring bearing pup she’s here for that too!

Laura Rogan

Pastry chef, wife, mother of three (terrific children), fearless Girl Scout leader and role model, retailer, and wedding guru. Now, we’ve scratched the surface of Laura’s colorful and rich life! She’s the perfect mix of detail-oriented and fun-loving. If you’re looking for a coordinator that’s hard-working, conscientious, and down for a good time, she’s your girl! 

At happy hour she will ask to see the cocktail menu, but will always order a Jameson & Ginger. On a day off you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her kids, or having dinner at a new restaurant with her husband. Really, ask her if you need a NOLA restaurant recommendation. 

 We know you’ll love Laura’s self-assured and easy personality from the day you meet her, but even more on wedding day! 

Naomi Hill

Naomi is loyal, outgoing, funny, and can anticipate others’ needs like no one else. She’s always one step ahead of problems and navigates them with ease and grace. Plus, she’s forever coming in clutch with the comic relief! 

Naomi is a graduate of James Madison University, where she earned a BS in Public Administration and a MsED in Human Resource Management/Adult Education. In her 9-5, she consults on HR with a team across 14 states. Then she brings all that expertise to her wedding clients as a Lead Wedding Coordinator. 

Being on Naomi’s team is a total joy for us, and we know you’ll love having her on your team as well. She’ll cherish the chance to bring your vision to life, and you won’t be able to wipe off the smiles she brings to your face!

Heather Schwaner

Heather is an accomplished digital artist and graduate of Tulane. She has extensive experience in the design, hospitality, tourism, and marketing industries. Her keen eye for detail, coupled with her unique combination of education and experience make Heather an expert on bringing a wedding vision to life.

She channels her natural ability to organize and manage details to bring her clients the peace of mind they need to enjoy the wedding day. 

She's renovating and designing her new home, follow along at @ourhomegreystone. You’ll catch her there with her hubby Nick and gorgeous baby girls. She'll have some cajun cooking going, while simultaneously knocking out home repairs! 

Lizzie MB Fredrick

Lizzie is detailed oriented, uber-organized, a hospitalitarian to her core, and remarkably calm under pressure. She refined that natural cool composure as an associate producer with CNN’s Piers Morgan and CNN Tonight at CNN and in her work with Union Square Hospitality (NY, NY) and Strategic Hospitality (Nashville, TN). 

On her time off you’ll catch her sitting reading the latest romance in the backyard, taking walks with her finance husband, or being the best aunt ever to her niblings. She loves an Old Fashion but also knows a ton about wine and can create the ultimate charcuterie board. 

Lizzie has an easy smile and a warm heart that will immediately welcome you (and your guests) in. She gently takes charge and makes room for the joy she wants every couple to feel on their day. You can hand over all the details to her and rest easy knowing she’s GOT IT!

Brianne Dees

Her warm smile and easy disposition will put you at ease within a few minutes of meeting. And then her can-do spirit will quickly begin to lift the stress from your shoulders. 

Brianne is a reliable and hard-working leader that can confidently take the reins to execute your wedding day. 

 She holds a bachelor's degree in Education from the SLU and has training in leadership and PR. She maintains high levels of positivity, dedication, organization, and care for each of her clients. 

She’s a wife and proud mama to two beautiful babies. She relishes in their company and never misses a chance to sneak in a family walk or mini-vacay. But if she’s going big, you’ll find her at a beach resort, fresh lime margarita in hand. 

Brianne is also a total sucker for a great party. Her gentle directness will guarantee that your wedding day is just that…. A GREAT PARTY! 

Maria Gomila

Maria is that calming voice that can stay cool under even the highest levels of pressure. She’s a registered nurse, with experience in both surgery and trauma. If that doesn’t convince you of her poise, she’s also successfully raised two children … into adulthood! 

And even with those serious accomplishments, Maria Gomila doesn’t take life too seriously! She’s fun to be around, quick to laugh, easy to open up to. She also knows all the good NOLA shortcuts, and can park her pickup truck like its a Fiat! She starts her days with coffee and ends them with a good book, skipping TV altogether! 

She’s that peaceful presence you want standing next to you right before you walk down the aisle. It’s her favorite part of the day, and she’ll make sure you’re 100% present for it! 

She’s also down for saving your dress and/or shoes in a flood … not that we expect that to happen twice … ask her about it!

Rebekah Roger

Meet Rebekah, the genuine, funny, rockstar wedding coordinator that you’re about to fall in love with. We are absolutely giddy that she chose to be on our team, she is unstoppable and a dream for any organization. She is a problem solver, a process guru, and the master of gently honest feedback just when you need it most.

She has diverse work experience, including roles in insurance underwriting & verification as well as teaching. She doesn’t miss any of the behind-the-scenes details but also can confidently take the reins and run the show on wedding day.

She is married, has 3 children, plus 7 fur babies (and counting). But she is still the first one awake in her house, savoring a quiet cup of coffee and little prayer and gratitude before she starts her day. Maybe that’s why we find her to be grounded, full of light and delightfully positive. Rebekah is rock-solid and we could literally go on and on and on … but just buy her a Margarita with a salted rim, you’ll see for yourself!

Lia Antonetti

If hard-working, diligent, and calming are on your list for the ideal coordinator, look no further! Lia has 15 years of hospitality experience and most recently worked as a chief stewardess on superyachts. She also has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations. 

She makes her bed every morning, rollerblades, and loves a good spicy margarita. She longs for warm days on the sea but is also down for a lazy Sunday .. sleeping in, brunch with friends, a good home magazine, or a long walk with her pup. Lia’s a big animal lover and has volunteered with many shelters and rescues over the years. #adoptdontshop 

She’ll enjoy making your day just as you’ve dreamed. Plus she has every skill in her wheelhouse to guarantee it happens with ease. She’s warm, approachable, joyful, and ready to stand by you on one of the biggest days of your life. What can we say, we think she’s pretty great. 

Jeny Himel

Jeny has worked in New Orleans hospitality most of her adult life, and therefore knows ALL the best spots, all the best chefs, and all the best venues for all the things! She’s uber-organized, sees a problem arising from a mile away, and knows just what to do to ease a worried mind. 

20 years ago she married the love of her life (destination wedding BTW) and together they share a beautiful, smart amazing daughter. Jeny loves throwing a good party, is a certified travel agent, and evens holds down a tax accounting business. In her spare time, she’s probably hanging out by her pool with a good book in hand. 

Jeny’s smile is contagious and her positivity will rub off on anyone! Also, she can sew … and that comes in clutch on wedding day. She’s a hard worker, dependable, and such a joy to have on our team. Getting her on your team will be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your wedding day, we know it!

Tara Bologna

Tara has a gentle and contagious spirit that effortlessly calms and quiets stress without even saying a word. She’s committed to positivity and finds all the creative solutions to help her clients. She has a servant's heart and treats everyone she meets with love and respect, making her a sought after and trusted leader. 

She has a BA in Fine Arts for Graphic Design from LSU and has experience in graphic design, marketing and invitation design, checkout her design company at Revel Honey Party Co. 

She is a wife and mama and loves relaxing and spending time at home with her family. On a Sunday she’s probably brunching somewhere fun or spending some time painting. 

If you are looking for someone to support you 100% on your wedding day, make sure you are living in the moment and also enjoying every part of the experience … look no further. 

Nicole Smith

Every timeline, vendor contract, and logistical aspect is thoroughly scrutinized and flawlessly executed under Nicole’s watchful eye. We rely on her logical thinking, calm demeanor, and resilient outlook in the most stressful situations.

She is no stranger to hard work, earning her first paycheck at her parent's hardware store as a young teen. She’s worked in events, community management, customer service, and as a teacher. She holds a bachelor's from the University of Central Florida.

Nicole finds immense joy in her role as a wife and mother to three wonderful daughters. On her well-deserved days off, you can often find her by the poolside, creating cherished memories and enjoying quality time with her family.

When there is just one chance to get the job done right, you want a coordinator with innate intuition, refined skills, and an invested interest in your day. You’ll find that with Nicole and so much more! She’s a natural wedding coordinator, and one we feel downright lucky to have.

Torie Barberio

We’re going to let you in on a little secret about Torie, she thrives under pressure. You’ll probably never get to see that because she prepares and anticipates problems so well. She is positive and solution-focused in even the most complex situations. 

She has been with UC since 2017 and has accomplished some pretty fun things since she started. Of those, we must note her work as a Bellhop in Disney’s Tower of Terror. Ask her for a pic in uniform! She has a B.A. from LSU in public relations and experience in sales, customer service, leadership, and events. 

Torie loves nature, a good workout, and relaxing with a book or a spa martini …but maybe not all simultaneously! 

If you’re looking for someone to orchestrate all of the moving parts on your wedding day, without breaking a sweat, she’s got you covered. Torie is routined, disciplined, and well ya know a boss. But the first thing you’ll notice about her is her kind, welcoming energy. She's the real deal! 

Brie Dey

The thing about Brie is that you can trust her with anything. She’s dependable, uber-organized and one of the best listeners on our team. She is solution focused and has that crazy ability to help others find their own answers without telling them what to do! And she manages to throw in a good dose of fun alongside ALL that! 

She has been with UC since 2020 and has worked across the city and the Northshore in just about every venue out there. Brie holds a master's degree in counseling and experience in psychology, retail, service, sales, and events. Well-rounded may be the understatement of the year here! 

On a day off you’ll find Brie working on a good DIY house project, spending time with her husband and son, and winding down over a glass of Pinot. If experience, trust, dependability, flexibility, and fun are on your wedding coordinator must-have list, Brie is the one!  

Rachel Stokes

Some people can make you feel at ease without saying a word, that’s Rachel. She has a calming presence and can diffuse a stressful situation by just walking into it. She prepares, attends to all the details, and can hop on your mission and make it happen. We ALL love working with her and know you will too. 

Rachel has a wealth of experience including floral design, retail, and counseling. In fact, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She knows well how experiences shape outlook and personalities and she appreciates every client’s unique perspective and dreams for their wedding. 

On a day off, you’ll find Rachel spending some QT with her family, dabbling in interior design, off on a nature trail with her children, and then winding down over a glass of red or a good novel (probably a psychological crime thriller.) She’s our resident Backstreet Boys aficionado and can accurately identify each of their voices in pretty much every song. #coordinatorperk 

Rachel has all the natural traits you look for in a wedding coordinator plus a wealth of experience on top of that. If she’s available on your date, don’t think twice!

Twana Hayes

She’s off the charts on intuitiveness and can quickly pick up on the most subtle cues. It’s like a superpower and one that every wedding desperately needs! You’ve heard of mother’s intuition, Twana has that, but we like to say that Twana is the mother of intuition! (see what we did there). 

If you’re looking for a coordinator with a warm welcoming presence that will instantly put you at ease, hire Twana … like yesterday, you can thank us later! She brings all the smarts and organization and throws a little fun in as lagniappe. 

Twana attended Florida A & M and is a certified doula. She has experience in healthcare, hospitality, wedding planning, and education and is even an ordained wedding officiant. But if you ask her what she’s proud of she’ll tell you about riding all the rollercoasters at Universal this past year! 

On a day off you’ll find Twana spending time with her family, gardening, reading a new book, or getting a little yoga in. She’s easy-going and aligned just like her routines and interests. In a world full of worry, Twana can instantly make you feel grounded and free of all the stress. 

Kaycie Guillot

Kaycie has the natural intuition and leadership that you simply must have in a wedding coordinator. She confidently makes decisions that line up with her careful research of her client’s wants and needs. We seriously appreciate her organization and her eye for design, and how she’s always down to roll up her sleeves and get the job done!

Kaycie has a bachelor's degree from Southeastern and most recently has worked as a teacher and wedding coordinator. She and her husband just rebuilt a home and are enjoying all the fun of making it their own. Kaycie is a hostess at heart and is the happiest when she is throwing parties and events. Though she’ll still take a few lazy weekends complete with hot coffee and cozy sweatpants! 

She has a background in dance and theater and it shapes her careful attention to the production of the wedding day. Kaycie sees all the details and makes certain that the vision comes to life. From the setup of the venue to the choreography of the exit, she doesn’t miss a beat (dance pun intended). Let Kaycie handle all the details, you'll be so relieved that you did!

Reilly Goldberg

She’s cool as a cucumber and always has a solution in her back pocket. Reilly stays 2 steps ahead and keeps a close eye on design and the overall aesthetic. We also love her sort of quiet humor that gets us laughing at all the right moments. She’s warm and welcoming, like a well-decorated living room!

She has a BSBA in Marketing from John Carroll University. She is the owner of Prince and Pom, an ecommerce business selling sustainably sourced home decor.

Her happy hour order is Pinot Noir and french fries. She’s traveled all over and has the open mind and adventurous spirit to show for it. She is wife to Jacob and mama to Hamilton, her Pomeranian.

The best coordinators stay calm under pressure, are naturally organized & prepared, and can see a problem from a mile away. Reilly checks all three. Need we say more?

Victoria Clement

Victoria has a game plan for literally every day of her life. Which makes the details of a wedding day completely second nature to her. She is a time-blocking genius and runs a tight ship on wedding day … but in her sweet, bubbly Victoria way.

She has a bachelor's degree from Louisiana State University in Theatre Performance, and you’ll love how that translates to weddings. She orchestrates the wedding day like she sets the stage to perform, carefully choreographing every aspect so that the day is authentic, natural, and easy. By handling all the details, time moves slower and more intentionally with Victoria, allowing her clients to savor the sweetest moments.

On a day off from weddings, you’ll probably find Victoria performing in or producing a local theatre production. But if she’s really off, she is finding a new brunch spot with her partner … and likely wearing her signature shade of pink! If you’re looking for a fun, bubbly, highly organized, and easy-to-be-with coordinator, you just found her.

Krystle Winkler

Krystle is intuitive, hard-working, and always ready to step in and help. We love her spunk, her versatility, and how she never meets a stranger. 

As a former wedding venue owner, she brings all the insider venue tips to our team and her clients. She has also worked in healthcare and holds a master’s degree in Healthcare Management. Plus she’s a certified dance teacher. Well-rounded is an understatement, right?! 

In her spare time, you’ll find Krystle dancing (probably hip hop), snuggling with her pup, or hanging out with her beautiful daughter. And on her favorite days, she’s fishing in Grand Isle or soaking in the rays by the beach. 

She’s a sucker for the first dance and is likely the coordinator in the corner smiling ear to ear as it happens!

She’ll bring the positivity and attention to detail. She’ll listen to your wishes and use her natural intuition to make sure your needs are met. Get this girl in your corner, she'll melt away the stress! 

We Can't wait to hear from you.

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Uncommon Camellia is the brand and company developed by the faces you see pictured on this website. As a team, we pool our resources to provide a superior level of wedding coordination service while maintaining a very competitive price point. We have been able to do this because of our commitment to developing processes and tools that are focused on serving the needs of our clients. Change to: You’re hiring a team of seasoned professionals, with more than 20 Lead Coordinators, 4 Planner/Designers, and another 20 Assisstant Coordinators. We spread the workload intentionally so that your wedding gets the attention it deserves. We know that many wedding professionals get burn out due to the high pressure environment and predominantly weekend work. But our strategy protects you and our team from those problems.

Just ask your other vendors, they’ll attest to our standards of professionalism, ethics, and care for our clients.  

We select smart, ambitious professionals who have the innate gifts of great wedding professionals. Through our in house certification program, we build upon her their unique educational and life experiences.

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