BerklEy Martin PHotography

We do weddings a little differently. Our signature processes and tools assure an exceptional wedding experience for every client.

New Orleans, Northshore, Hattiesburg
Wedding Planners, Designers and Coordinators

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We love to share all our best tips and advice on how to plan a New Orleans, Northshore, or Hattiesburg wedding . . .



We utilize uniform processes and trademarked tools to:
     1. Understand our clients’ vision and needs
     2. Develop a cohesive and visually robust design proposal
     3. Manage the wedding planning project with ease
     4. Connect our clients with the best Louisiana has to offer
     5. Provide organized information for the wedding professional team
     6. Develop the wedding timeline, flow and layout

Our tools and processes have proven success in taking wedding plans from vision to reality. Our method is unique and effective. By focusing effort on the front end to fully understand and organize the wedding plans, we routinely execute seamless weddings.

Having the invitation to join a family in a very intimate sense on the wedding day, we adhere to what may seem like extreme standards of honesty and integrity.

We are always allies to our clients, our fellow wedding professionals and our colleagues. We provide trustworthy, dependable, nonjudgmental and empathic support.

We remain willing and ready to do what is necessary for a successful wedding. We are positive, open and flexible. 

our values