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Our clients ask alot about whether they should spray tan before the wedding. I honestly couldn’t say from personal experience until two days ago when I experimented with a professional spray tan just to review it for you on this blog and to have a personal review for my clients when they ask. In this video I’ll tell you all about the process, what it cost me, how long it took, what I did to prepare, what I wore there and for the tan, and how they actually sprayed me.

I used a local company that allowed me to book my appointment online, big win for me there because I hate waiting on the phone and trying to find an appointment that works. I did have to give them my credit card then and there was a fee if I were to no-show. Which I think if fair. They sent me a text to confirm and a text reminder the day of. Loved that too.

I went to their website to learn how to prepare. They said exfoliate twice. I received the spray tan on Thursday evening. So on Wednesday I showered and exfoliated like normal with a luffa. Then on Thursday right before I went, I used a dry brush to exfoliate, then showered and exfoliated with a luffa again.

The website also instructed that you can wear whatever you want for the actual spray tan. I found an old bathing suit that is a little too small lol and one I don’t care about ruining. I figured if I wear my regular bathing suit with the tan, the tan lines will be covered, since my current bathing suit fits. And as instructed threw on a loose fitting t shirt, shorts, and flip flops. Also I had no makeup, no lotion, and no deodorant on.

When I arrived at the salon it was like a coworking salon space. Lots of small rooms each with different business but all beauty related. I liked this because it was private and I didn’t have to wait in a big waiting room in my old bathing suit and baggy clothes lol.

Now onto the actual tan. I kept my old bathing suit on and stood in front of a trifold wall that had a fan on it, that I guess was just like a circulating fan, it didn’t blow air on me. My spray tan artist told me not to touch the wall. She used a spray gun and carefully began the job. She gave me very specific instructions as to wear to stand, how to turn, wear to put my arms. She started with my knees, then had me bevel each foot, turn to the side, lift up each arm, turn my leg out, and I almost burst into laughter when she asked me to squat.

She also sprayed my face which I was uncertain about. Her advice was that if she didn’t, my face may look pale in comparison to the rest of my body. So I said go for it. Another interesting part was when she asked me to cup my hands, and she sprayed each finger! All this made me understand why my at home self tanning jobs were always so shoddy.

Once she finished, I put my baggy clothes back on. My tan required 6 hours to sit, but letting it sit longer was not going to change the color. So I actually slept on it, and rinsed it off in the shower in the morning.

It cost $40 and took a half hour. There was a more expensive option the dried in 4 hours instead of 6, but I really wasn’t in a rush. It is supposed to last 7-10 days. By day 4 I noticed it was fading, by day 6 I had to scrub it off because it had become uneven.

So what is the verdict? Should you get a spray tan for your wedding? If I were getting married today, I would not want this tan and I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I have a fair skin tone and while I’d love to have this spray tan for my next beach vacation, I wouldn’t describe this look as my classic or timeless look. For me it feels unnatural. I’d prefer a more subtle glow that maybe only the sun could give, I’m not sure and I’m so worried about skin cancer that I may never see that glow. I like the look overall, but when I look closely at my hands, this is not the color I’d want in a close up of my ring. I’d say its the finer details that are the problem, nothing really gets hidden in all the pictures in a wedding day gallery!

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BUT if you are someone that tans easily, or frequently gets spray tans I would definitely recommend this for wedding day. If it’s a look you are comfortable with and one you’ll have in the future. And I also recommend that EVERYONE does this at least once, I think that is the only way to really know if it is for you. Don’t try it for the first time right before you will be professionally photographed. Just do it for fun and see how you like it!

I also highly recommend spray tans for other events. I’m 9 months post partum and this is a total confidence boost for my body image. It was worth a half hour and $40. So its fun and I can think of lots of reasons to get one, but for me, my wedding day is not one of the reasons I’d get it!

Everyone wants that perfect glow but of course there’s that looming fear of looking orange or unnatural in pictures. Timeless is a descriptor many of our clients use when they talk about their wedding. So before committing to a professional spray tan, self-tanner or any other sunless tanning product, make sure you have experimented and made an informed decision about how it looks and how you will like it over time. Those pictures last forever!

There are a few businesses in New Orleans, Covington, and Slidell that work regularly with brides. Let us know if you need a recommendation! And if you are not in our area, always ask your wedding coordinator or planner for a suggestion. They see tans on brides regularly and can give you an honest and informed opinion about which companies do the best job. Thank you so much for reading, and happy wedding planning!

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