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Finding a thoughtful favor that fits your vibe and your budget is quit the endeavor. So we are sharing our favorite wedding favors for 2021 and 2022. We’ll share NOLA specialties, edibles, health-conscience, home inspired, and season gifts for spoiling your guests.

New Orleans Specialties

  1. Pralines
Geaux Garcia Photography

2. Roman Candy

Studio Tran Photography

3. Mini Hot Sauce Bottle (Crystal, Slap Ya Mama, Louisiana)

Gabby Chapin Photography

4. Go Cups
This one is especially good if you are second lining. Plastic cups are inexpensive to personalize and useful beyond wedding day! Plus in NOLA, you can take them with you, filled to the brim with your fav cocktail.

Jen Menard Photography

5. Mardi Gras Beads
Buy them plain, or have them personalized. This one is especially fun around Mardi Gras, or anytime for out-of-town guests.

Emily Green Photography

6. Second Line Hankies

Sam Hurd Photography

7. Pat O Brien’s Hurricane Mix

8. Hubig’s Pies
These have been a New Orleans tradition for almost 100 years.

Studio Tran Photography

9. Café Du Monde Beignets or Beignet Mix

Hannah Pickle Photography

10. French Market Coffee & Chicory
Choose your favorite coffee, make it local if possible. Purchase it in K-Cup Pods and add your own label.

Health-Conscience Favors

11. Hand Sanitizer

Studio Tran

12. Masks

Edible Favors

Choose something edible and delicious, and your favor won’t go to waste! Part dessert, part gift!

13. Mints

14. Candy

Lainey Reed Photography

15. Local Honey

16. Cake Pops

17. Donuts

Miss Meow Photography

18. Cookies

Michelle Preau Photography

19. Dog Treats
Treat your guests with a treat from your pup to theirs.


Think about items that your guests might enjoy having in their homes after your wedding. Usable items are best, rather than selecting permanent items that are unlikely to suit all of your guests’ homes.

20. Matches

Tasha Ray Photography

21. Wine Stoppers

22. Bottle Openers

23. Coasters

Brocato Photography

24. Candles

25. Magnets

Seasonal Favors

Winter, spring, summer and fall can inspire all sorts of gifts for your guests. Here are a few of our favs.

26. A Fan

27. Personalized Sunglasses

28. Travel Sunscreen

29. Flower Seeds

Gabby Chapin Photography

30. Sun Hats

31. Hand Warmers

32. Hats

33. Scarves

34. Seasonally Flavored Foods

35. A Cozy Blanket

This list should get your creative juices flowing. But if you just can’t find a favor that feels like a genuine gift from you and your fiancé, then it’s ok to skip this altogether. A thank you note after the wedding is sentiment enough to show your guests your appreciation.

35 Wedding Favor Ideas

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