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In this blog, I’ll share 10 ideas for keeping the party going at your wedding reception. If you hate a boring wedding, include these 10 (or the bonus at the end) in your wedding timeline.

1. Live Entertainment

Bring in live entertainment to do a short 15-30 minute performance. You can choose a fun comedic dance troupe, a traditional dance from your or your fiance’s culture, or even circus-style performers.

Emily Green Photo
Emily Green Photo

2. Late Night Food

Around a half-hour before the reception ends serve fun late-night food like french fries, sliders, or pizza. Keep it simple and fun and don’t be afraid to go for the fast-food classics!

Brocato Photography Collective

3. Champagne Tower

Build a champagne tower! Kick-off your toasts by pouring champagne into coupe glasses for all your guests. Or if you want to keep it simple, have this champagne for your wedding party only.

Emily Songer Photography

4. Anniversary Dance

An anniversary dance is where you have your DJ or emcee invite every married couple to the dance floor to share a dance with the newlyweds. Once a good crowd has gathered, the emcee asks couples who’ve been married less than 1 year to leave the dance floor. The newlyweds stay. Then the emcee asks those who have been married less than 5 years to leave, then 10 years, etc. The newlyweds are then left dancing with the couple that has been married the longest. The emcee introduces the couple and asks them to give a piece of advice to the newlyweds

Yehleen Photography

5. Second Line Parade

Second-lines are a popular New Orleans wedding tradition where the couple and a brass band lead the guests in a walking parade, often from ceremony to reception. You can also keep your parade inside, or schedule it for the end of the party. Make sure to rent, purchase or borrow umbrellas for the couple. Custom handkerchiefs, Mardi Gras beads, and logo go cups all add to the fun.

Josh Williams Photography

6. Trivia Cocktail Napkins

If you are going to customize your cocktail napkins, make it fun by adding trivia about the couple to them. 5-6 fun facts divided between napkins is a good amount.

Brocato Photography Collective

7. Glitter Bar

Glitter bars are very popular right now. I love this for a mid reception option, just when makeup starts to fade and it’s time for a refresh! Face paint is also a guest favorite.

8. Lawn Games

Lawn games have also proven to be a hit with guests, especially for more casual weddings. Cornhole, bocce ball, wooden ladder toss, or jumbo connect four. If you are inviting children or adults that are children at heart, don’t skip this one!

Love House Studio Photography

9. Live Painter

Live painters have been popular for years, the only thing I’ll add is to have them in a location where guests can watch the artwork come together. Also remember to keep the area well lit, for the artists but also for the guests viewing.

Michelle Preau Photography

10. Cigar Bar

If you and/or your fiance like cigars, how about a cigar bar or even a cigar roller? Most guests will be interested in learning about the cigars, taking one for themselves, or giving one to a friend. It’s a fun added experience that can double as a favor.

Hannah Pickle Photography

BONUS: Fireworks

I love fireworks, and wish every wedding ended with them! It’s an investment, but it ends the night on such a high! I don’t know of a better way to close out the night. Make sure you hire a professional and clear it with your venue.

Michelle Preau Photography

You don’t need all of these, but 1 or 2 will add some excitement and fun to the reception timeline. For more tips on planning your wedding day, subscribe to our youtube channel here. Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning.

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