Dec 5, 2019

10 Items Uncommon Camellia Coordinators have on them on Wedding Day

Dig Through My Purse

I’ve heard you can get to know someone by digging through their purse. For wedding coordinators, you can get to know how good they are by digging in their apron! I’m going to tell you what’s in mine and every Uncommon Camellia’s apron when we coordinate New Orleans weddings.

Consistently Prepared

Its extremely important to us that every client who books with us gets the same consistent service, elevated by the unique touches that personality and experiences of their chosen coordinator brings.

A Uniform Says Something About Your Coordinator

One way we do that is by the supplies we bring with us and the uniform we all adhere to. We actually wear an apron the entire time we coordinate. I’ve had a few people say to me, you look like a server at a restaurant, as if that were negative. I took great pride in that comment because it meant that it looked like I was at work serving others. Which is the truth.

Wedding Planner J. Lo Style

I loved the pocketed blazer that JLo wore in the Wedding Planner and I even have something similar. However, I found that the accessibility of needed items just wasn’t there with pockets all over the inside of my jacket. The apron was more practical for what our clients need.

Plus, our uniform sends a message that we are ready to work, prepared, professional, and united as a team. I’ve even found that traffic police, tourists, and other wedding pros are more receptive to our team because we show up in uniform. So now you know the why behind our uniform, let’s get to the what.

What’s in our apron!

1. A Fully Charged Phone

It’s a direct connection between us and other members of the wedding professional team. Every coordinator wears a watch so that we aren’t constantly checking our phone for the time.

2. A Two-Way Radio

Yup, we’re legit like that lol! We use the real lingo and rely on these puppies for all the time-sensitive moments. This is how we coordinate the processional with the musicians, the introductions with the emcee and the special exits with the entire pro team.

3. Kids blunted tip scissors

Kindergarten scissors y’all. Safe enough to keep in an apron and likely the item we use most. In training, all our coordinators are told to expect to utilize the scissors for every single wedding. Whether we are assembling last-minute floral, opening boxes, sewing bustles, or snipping the “X” stitch out of a new jacket, we rarely work a wedding without using our kindergarten scissors!

4. Butane Lighter

I mean once you use a butane lighter, you’ll never go back. Sparkler exits and candles are way easier with this.

5. Pen

I hate when people borrow my pen and don’t give it back. But I still lend it in good faith, and most return my Pilot G-2 07’s.

6. Envelope with important documents

After misplacing timelines and layouts, I purchased a bunch of these plastic envelopes from office depot. They were less than a buck a piece. Now I store my own timeline and info sheet on the outside and documents for other people in the button part. I haven’t’ lost a thing since getting into this habit.

7. Gum or Mints

I also always have gum or mints. I prefer the lifesaver mints because they come individually wrapped.

8. Business Card Case

I bring this case with a few business cards, my license, a credit card, and my health insurance card. Better safe than sorry right?

9. Granola Bar

We don’t eat catered food at weddings. 1. We are just too busy. 2. We think it’s an important boundary. Just as you won’t see the catering staff eating amongst the guests, you won’t see us eating at a reception. We do bring a lunch or two. We eat during scheduled breaks outside the reception space. We also keep a granola or energy bar for when we need a boost. I try to eat that away from guests as well. Of course, we need breaks, but it’s important to take actual breaks away from guests so that we have the rest and refreshment we need to continue operating at 100%.

10. Keys

I keep keys to my car/house on my person. We don’t carry a purse around, for security and practicality reasons. So I just keep those in the old apron along with any other items I need. So that usually includes my current favorite shade of lipstick!

And that’s it, 10 simple things that are always in a UC Coordinator’s apron. We also always have access to our fully stocked emergency kit. If you’re curious about what is inside that, check out our Ekit blog.

Check out our YouTube channel for more info on planning your wedding. We release new content every week.




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