Jun 18, 2020

What to do the Week of the Wedding

Planning your wedding week will free you up to be present with your loved ones and to savor each moment. So get these things on your calendar so you can know its all taken care of.

  1. Schedule a final walk-through at your venues to review the flow and final details.

  2. Make one last contact with all your vendors with final details, share the latest timeline with them. If they allow it, drop off any items that will need to be set up at your venues.

  3. Early in the week, pack for your honeymoon. But don’t wait to shop and make that list, do in the month prior and have fun with it.

  4. Arrange to get your marriage license, and make folder with all the necessary documents and guidelines.

  5. Schedule to have your dress steamed and to pick it up along with any accessories.

  6. Organize all your tips in labeled envelopes. (Click HERE for a guide to tipping)

  7. Deliver welcome bags or notes at hotels for your guests staying there.

  8. Wrap all the gifts for your wedding party.

  9. Have appointments for a full spa day, including mani, pedi, facial, waxing, etc.

  10. Create a “detail box” and gather any items you want to be photographed and set aside.

  11. By the time your rehearsal and dinner come, have everything finished. No tasks for that day, just enjoy life. But do have your gifts ready to go for your wedding party and parents. You’ll also need to give the marriage license to the officiant at the rehearsal.

  12. On the wedding day, turn your phone off. You’re going to have to let everyone know how to reach you in emergency, but this is probably the number one way to reduce your wedding stress.

  13. Also be sure to Switch your engagement ring to your right hand for the ceremony. Some people even take it off entirely until after the ceremony, but that’s less common.

  14. Have a plan for what you are going to eat on your wedding day.

Let the professionals you hired pamper you and put it all together. Cherish every single moment and try to let go of your plants and let the day unfold naturally!






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