May 6, 2020

Ask Your Wedding DJ This

Hiring a great DJ that is a good match for your wedding requires research and a clear understanding of what to look for when interviewing. I’ve worked with some amazing DJs and also some amateur ones. Its hard to know what you are getting by browsing a website. They say music is like storytelling, which means your DJ is the narrator of your wedding. I asked a couple of the most experienced DJ’s we have worked to share what you need to know before you choose your wedding DJ.

Omega Sound and Entertainment

DJ David “Storm” Manning is the owner of Omega Sound and Entertainment. He gave us his advice on hiring a wedding DJ and says it is a much bigger decision than many people think. David points to the fact that people remember their overall experience at a wedding and how much fun they have and DJ’s can make or break that.

He also gave some advice on pricing. “The best price is not always the best deal.” A DJ must have professional gear, music, insurance, and license. Savings that are the result of cutting corners, cost much more in the end. DJ’s entertain guests, act as the emcee, and help coordinate the night. The right DJ works with the entire vendor team without you even knowing it.

David says “all that shimmers is not gold.” Entertainment and personality should be the highest priorities. Don’t be distracted by the addons. He says to ask yourself whether they do the job as an entertainer and as an emcee that you want. David says that is the highest priority.

Book Your DJ Early

So maybe booking the DJ last is not such a good idea. If you are looking for a personality, an entertainer that matches your vibe, it seems pretty risky to wait and see if that person happens to be available late in the game.

Jack Magic Entertainment

We also asked the advice of John Schnauder with Jack Magic Entertainment.

He advises to know what time the DJ will arrive and whether he/she is allowing enough time to setup. There should be extra time to settle in to the DJ role after load in and setup. “A relaxed DJ is much better than one” (that rushes a setup 45 minutes prior.)

Find out whether the DJ has backup plans in place or contingencies. Find out if he/she has a backup if the sound system were to crash. “Dead air can kill a party everytime.”

Find out what other resources are available because you may be able to save some money by booking multiple services through the same company. Some DJ’s offer lighting, photobooth, gobos, and even officiant services.

And last he says to ask the DJ if there is any question you didn’t ask him. It allows him/her to extend who they are. It also allows opens up a conversation to get to know the DJ’s personality. It’s up to the client to match the personality of the DJ with your event.

Backup Plans

As a coordinator, I can’t agree more that allowing enough time to set up is very important. I’ve had both bands and DJ’s cut it way to close and begin the event stressed and flustered. I’ll add to what DJ Jack Magic said about contingencies because I think arriving early and having a backup plan go hand and hand. If something is going to go wrong with the sound, it’s usually discovered during setup. A DJ that arrives early has the flexibility to make adjustments that just cannot be made if you are working with a 30-45 minute setup window.

Golden Question

“Are there any questions that I didn’t ask that I should have asked?” Ask this question of all your wedding professionals. If you don’t have a planner to give you all the insider information, rely on the professionals you hired. Many won’t offer specific advice unless you ask for it. Be open to hearing them out and getting their perspective. That’s how you get access to the best wedding hacks out there. It’s no extra charge y’all.

Make it a Priority

So many clients of our clients say they aren’t sure what to look for when it comes to their DJ or that it’s not a priority to them. But it becomes a priority at the reception if they don’t get a good DJ. You cannot deny the impact that an experienced, friendly, talented, and entertaining DJ can have on a wedding reception. I hope you found this information as valuable as I do!





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