Apr 15, 2020

Wedding Organization Series Part 1: Google Calendar

If you are recently engaged, life is about to get beautifully chaotic! Some calendar organization on the front end is going to save you the heartache and frustration of missing important dates and double booking. Setting up a shared Google calendar is very straightforward, and keeping it up is a piece of cake.

How to Create a Sharable Electronic Wedding Calendar

In this blog, I’m going to show you how to set up an efficient and shareable wedding calendar. This is the first blog in our 3 part Wedding Organization Series. Next week I’ll post Part 2: Electronic Folder System, and the following week is Part 3 our Uncommon Camellia Signature Hard Copy Filing System. All of these instructional blogs will show you how to organize your wedding without purchasing cumbersome binders, books or planners. The best method is to use all three parts, not just one.

Let’s get started. If you already use Google calendar or have a Gmail account, this will be a piece of cake. If you prefer to watch this on video, you can watch these instructions here.

Step 1: Create Google Calendar

In the google calendar app, scroll down to “Other Calendars” and select create a new calendar. For the title use your first name and your fiance’s Wedding (Jack and Jill’s Wedding). You are going to share this with other people so you need your names in there. You do want to add a description, something like “a central spot for all the wedding fun, plus the meetings, deadlines and due dates. Click create calendar. Now your calendar is created. Now click that arrow to go back, and then find your calendar in the list. You can choose any color for this calendar.

Step 2: Add Meetings, Events, Deadlines, Due Dates

Your next step is to add your meetings, wedding events, deadlines, and due dates to the calendar. Think about any upcoming venue tours, meetings with possible vendors, dress shopping, fittings, payment deadlines, all of that goes on your Wedding Planning google calendar. To add items, click create, go to more options. Put in the event details and then choose the Wedding Calendar before saving.

If you are already pretty far into the planning process you may need to go through your other calendars and even your contracts to add event dates, upcoming meetings, deadlines, and payment due dates. Get pretty specific here. Consider these examples. If you have a tent reserved as a rain plan, include the deadline to cancel. If you must order your dress by a certain date, include that deadline.

You also have the option of adding in reminders at certain time frames for due dates. For example, if you are adding a due date for the final headcount, you could set a reminder 5 days prior so that you’ll check on your RSVPs at that time.

Step 3: Change Labels on Existing Events

If you are already using Google calendar and have events in your calendar for the wedding, you can switch those over. Click on the event, and change the calendar. Now it will be part of the Wedding Plans calendar.

Step 4: Commit to Routinely Adding Items

Commit to the routine of immediately adding wedding items to the calendar as soon as you learn of them. This is the only way to make sure you don’t miss something or overbook. This routine will save you so much stress if you really commit.

Step 5: Share the Calendar

Share the calendar with your fiancé and any key people in the wedding planning process. Consider your parents, your maid of honor, or a friend that is helping with the planning. To do this hover over the calendar title, and click settings and sharing. Scroll down to share with specific people and add the email addresses for the people you want to share it with. You can decide if each of those people can see the events or edit and manage them. They will receive an email letting them know you have shared the calendar and they can choose to add this calendar to their own calendar.

Step 6: Add the Calendar to Your Phone

Ideally, you’ll have Google calendar with this email address on your phone, it will update automatically and be available for you to add items (show it on iPhone if possible) on the run.

Step 7: Print Your Calendar

You can print a hard copy of your wedding calendar so you can see what is approaching at a glance. That hard copy will be used in the Hard Copy Filing System that I’ll explain in Part 3 of this series.

To print this calendar only, unselect all calendars except the wedding planning one. Then click on the Settings gear at the top and click print. Set the range to start with today and end with the last day of the month of your wedding. I like to choose black and white to save my colored ink since you’ll only have wedding planning items on this copy.

Wedding Organization Series Continues Next Week

Come back next week to continue organizing your wedding plans!




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