Oct 15, 2020

5 Places to Look for Wedding Inspiration

A wedding lasts one day, but the memories are frozen in time. You will look back on pictures of yourself, your guests, your dress or suit, flowers, invitation suite (all of it!) throughout your life. And your children and their children will look at it too. Your nieces, nephews, anyone who will remember you will look back at this moment to understand who you are and who you were. That is why we spend so much energy on the style and feel of a wedding, it’s not just a day or a moment. It’s a milestone.

I’m going to share 5 great places to look for inspiration for your wedding and I’m not going to say Pinterest or Wedding Magazine again in this video. I PROMISE! You can find specifics and details there, but wedding planning inspiration comes from a deeper place.


Start with the past. Look through pictures of people you love, not just their weddings, but their homes, where they vacationed, what they wore. See if you fall for anything that they loved. An outfit on a model might make you say “oh that’s cute”. But a great outfit on your grandmother makes an impression that sticks. Think beyond your own ancestors, and look at old pictures or movies with your favorite celebrities too.


Kelly Wearstler says “There is no better designer than mother nature.” YES! Take a walk through a garden, a trail, a flower or blueberry farm. Take a boat ride on a bayou or river. Notice the foliage, the lighting, the colors. Take in the smells and the sounds. Try to figure out what it is that you love about this part of nature. Another cool thing to do is snap a picture of your favorite place in nature and then pull the color palette. The National Park Service has a hashtag you can search on Instagram to see all of these amazing color palettes that occur in nature. #NPSCOLORFORECASTING I’ll warn you it will suck you in.

Boutique Hotel

Find something well designed that has lots of public spaces, and book a night. Pay attention to how they accessorize each area, how they pull bursts of color into spaces. Sip a glass of their signature cocktail at the bar and breathe it all in. Take note of anything that matches your vibe as a couple. In New Orleans, I love Hotel Peter and Paul and the Eliza Jane. There’s also a BnB called Maison de Violette that I can explore for hours.

Art Market or Gallery

Visit an art market and make a point to explore each of the vendor’s art. If you are looking to highlight local culture at your wedding, this will bring you beyond the typical souvenirs that are common in your city. Dine somewhere nearby and take in the vibe. Also, be aware of the street view on your stroll. You may be able to find some traditional architecture or design elements that you can use in your own way as you choose your décor and rentals.

Dream Home

Lastly find a home in a magazine, on a parade of homes, at an open house, or just on a walk that you would consider your dream home. Where is it located, what color is it, what style is it, what is the neighborhood like? All of the elements tell you about your own style and can help you pinpoint the wedding you’d like to design. Weddings help couples define their style together. Many use décor or pictures of their wedding as a centerpiece in their home. It sets the stage for your vibe as a couple and it becomes the backdrop to future memories.

From these inspirations pull the way they make you feel, and translate that to how you want to feel on your wedding day. Instead of starting with basics, start with the inspiration. Everything else can then fall into place.

Thank you for reading and happy wedding planning!







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