Jun 4, 2020

The Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit

In this blog, I’ll tell you exactly what all our coordinators bring to every single wedding and I’ll tell you what it cost to put the kit together.

Bridal Emergency Kit

What’s in Case A

The box at the top is the first aid kit, labeled Box A. Now most of these items are what came in the box when I purchased this first aid kit. I left those items inside, you can see the list here of the first aid kit here.

Wedding First Aid Kit

I added just a few items including Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages ($3) and Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Adhesive Bandages for Heel Blisters a 6 ct. is $4. If you haven’t used these before, they are a game-changer. Put one on a blister (even of a child) and immediately they have relief and can wear their shoes again. Like a miracle!

I also placed a regular mailing envelope ($.05) underneath the compartments. The most common reason you’ll need an envelope is to seal money to give to someone.

What’s in Case B

The second case is one of the deeper storage boxes with a built-in tray. In this case, you’ll find:

Wedding Ekit
  • Bottle Opener ($1)

  • Coffee (Instant) ($6 for a box of 8 packets, Starbucks Brand)

  • Flashlight ($1)

  • Flip Flops ($3)

  • Granola Bars ($3) People forget to eat before wedding ceremonies, also kids get hungry so a granola bar or juice can go a long way!

  • Gum ($2)

  • Hem Tape ($3)

  • Hem tape is magical for a loose hem and it requires no sewing.

  • Juice ($3 for a 6pack)

  • Lighter ($1)

  • Nail Polish Remover ($1)

  • Mints ($2)

  • Fake Wedding Rings ($15) Any experienced officiant will tell you that losing rings is a thing. One of our coordinators recently used our spare “Fake Wedding Ring”. It wasn’t ideal, but it did the job. Later that day the ring was found, but she decided to keep our cubic zirconia one as a memento!

  • Sewing Kit ($2)

  • Socks (Black Dress) ($2) Sometimes groomsmen wear white athletic socks and that doesn’t look great if they are kneeling at an altar for the entire ceremony, hence the black socks.

  • Straws ($1)

  • Underwear ($2)

  • Wipes (Wet Ones) ($1.50)

  • Zip Ties ($2)

What’s in Case C

In case C is another deep box with the compartment tray, here are the contents.

Wedding Emergency Kit Contents
  • Advil ($2)

  • Aquaphor ($5)

  • Bayer Aspirin ($2.50)

  • Benadryl ($4.50)

  • Bowtie ($10)

  • Chapstick ($1.50)

  • Dryer Sheets ($4) The dryer sheets are for static cling.

  • Floss ($2)

  • Garter ($5)

  • The garter is a cheap one but is great in a pinch.

  • Insect Repellent Wipes ($5 for 12)

  • Kleenex ($1 for a travel pack of three)

  • Liners ($1)

  • Travel Lint Roller ($1)

  • Mouthwash ($1)

  • Nail File ($1)

  • Qtips ($1)

  • Shaving Razor ($3)

  • Tampons ($3)

  • Toothbrush ($1)

  • Toothpaste ($1)

  • Tums ($2)

  • Visine ($3.50) You’ll notice that we’ve got medicine in this case that is also in the first aid kit. The difference is that these are name brands. Some people prefer to use name brand, others are allergic or non-responsive to off-brands.

What’s in Case D

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

• Bobby Pins (get a variety of colors $3)

  • Chalk ($1)

  • Nail Clippers ($2)

  • Comb ($1) Not a brush, because you need to throw this away if used, and a comb is cheaper!

  • Deodorant ($2)

  • Earring Backs ($1)

  • Exacto Knife ($2.50)

  • EyeGlass Repair Kit ($3)

  • Fan ($5) I don’t know if every wedding needs a personal fan, but in Louisiana, I need one. Sometimes is dreadfully hot, even in the months that are supposed to be cooler!

  • Fashion Tape ($6)

  • Floral Tape ($1) Floral tape comes in handy if you have a broken boutonniere or if you have to make one on the fly.

  • Glue Gun ($5)

  • Glue Sticks ($1)

  • Gold Bond Travel Size ($1)

  • Hair Pins ($1)

  • Hair Spray Travel Size ($1)

  • Hair Ties ($2)

  • Lotion Travel Size ($1)

  • Makeup Remover ($3)

  • Mirror ($4)

  • Nail Polish Clear ($2)

  • Oil Absorbers ($4)

  • Polish Remover ($1)

  • Powder (Makeup) ($5)

  • Scissors ($3) I’ve never worked at a single wedding where someone didn’t ask me for scissors.

  • Scotch Tape ($1)

  • Straight Pins ($2)

  • Superglue ($3)

  • Tweezers ($2)


I’ve also slipped a cake knife and server into the kit ($10). And before each wedding, I add 3-4 bottled waters ($1). I don’t offer those to people when I have access to water otherwise. If the bar is open, just get it there. These are for emergencies or urgencies.

Inventory and Restock

Many of these items expire after 6 months to a year. Obviously, the food, gum, and juice all expire. Also, the medicine, hem tape, Band-Aids, and creams expire. So, if you are creating a kit that will be used repeatedly, make sure to inventory and replace expired items. Our team does a quality control check after each season to make sure our kits are fresh!

Another process our team sticks with is that the Lead Coordinator inventories and replaces any used items after each wedding. Some items are thrown away others are replenished. The inventory guarantees that the next client has access to a completely stocked kit.

Thank you for checking out what is inside the Uncommon Camellia Wedding Emergency Kit. Happy Wedding Planning!




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