Each of our team members has completed a comprehensive internal certification program that requires initial and continued training, extensive experience, and tested skill competency. We are proud to work together as a supportive team that pools knowledge, expertise and experience to bring the highest level of service to our clients.


meet the

Alexis Nelson is a milkshake loving travel enthusiast who speaks French and dons a capsule wardrobe that belongs on Pinterest. She’s is an advocate for positivity and living every moment to the fullest. She has grit and determination and it shows in the full and happy life she lives.

She has a combo of experience in the hospitality and legal industries. She maintains laser focus on the timeline and details of the day, while providing the support and encouragement that every couple deserves.

When she’s not making wedding dreams come true, you can find her leading the cheering section at the little league field for one of her 3 children.. She and her husband love making memories together, most of which Lexy documents on camera. 

Alexis Nelson

Ashley can find a solution to any problem. With more than 10 years of customer service experience, she calmly faces every challenge with positivity and grace. 

She's an LSU graduate and has extensive leadership training that builds upon her natural ability to lead. She has in depth experience as a liability and performance consultant and speaks fondly of her season in the corporate world. 

Ashley is married to Clark, her best friend and fellow foodie. She’s an animal lover and a self-proclaimed home body. Yet, she’s always up for a good time and we find her the life of the party! She is stylish and witty and makes her minivan seem like a corvette. Really, she’ll make you think minivans are that cool.

Ashley Brien

The down-to-earth, easy to be around friend everyone wants to have. She’s confident, gentle, fun-loving, casually stylish, and sharp as a tack. 

Amelia is married to her high-school sweetheart Brandon, and they have the coolest, most laid back little boys. Seriously, we’re asking her to write a parenting book! She loves working with her hands, building and refinishing furniture, painting, baking … yet her nails are always perfect.

Amelia is a graduate of SLU and is a certified elementary teacher. A loyal and dedicated teacher, Amelia built trusting relationships with her students and worked tirelessly to make a meaningful impact in their lives. She brings the same level of dedication, persistence and loyalty to each of her couples. 

Amelia Jeanmarie


She's super organized, relaxed, experienced, good hearted and FUN to be around. She loves new people and appreciates unique styles and tastes.

When’s she not hustling to make couples’ wedding dreams come true, she’s playing with her son Daxon, hanging with her girlfriends, or sippin’ wine on the back porch with her hubby.

Natalie has worked in the service industry since she was 17, as a server, bartender, expediter, hostess and floor manager. She knows the ins and outs of every position in this field. She can also mix any drink you can think of! Combine that experience with her 10+ years working in commercial property and general liability insurance and you’ve got a uniquely qualified wedding planner and coordinator.

Natalie Atkinson

The cool, calm and collected woman you want by your side, especially if you’re facing any sort of stress or chaos. Maria has this cheerful yet composed way about her that immediately relaxes and assures her clients.

She holds a bachelors degree in Education from the USM. As a planner and coordinator she utilizes the organizational, relational and leadership skills she developed in administration and education.

She and her hubby Zack love family time (with their 2 boys), baseball, and the beach.  Also once we got to see Maria rock out on the guitar...epic.

She takes the stress and pressure out of weddings, keeps her clients calm, her wedding pros informed  and the logistics on schedule. 

Maria Pohto

She’ll give you her unwavering support and all the grit needed to make your day happen the way you’ve dreamed. Tori has a contagious and fun-loving spirit that makes work feel like play and challenges feel like adventures. 

Tori is a teacher by day, coordinator by night, break and weekend! She holds a BS in Education from OLHC. 

When she is not coordinating or teaching, you’ll most likely find Tori at Tiger Stadium, planning her next vacay, or enjoying the outdoors. She’s a true Louisiana girl with a love for the Big Easy.

She has a caring and energetic spirit, but if you need her to clear Jackson Square, refocus unruly groomsmen, find your runaway ring bearing pup she’s here for that too!

Tori Heier

Amélie is focused, hard-working and reliable mixed perfectly with her contagious positivity and love for life.

Amélie has worked with venues and vendors across New Orleans and the Northshore and has established a reputation as a top wedding professional. Amélie is an LSU grad with a BS in Education.

Amélie’s couples have noted her stellar work ethic and how that makes things swing in her favor when obstacles arise. She's cool under pressure, finds joy in anything, commands the room, and organizes like a true boss.

In addition to being a stellar coordinator, Amélie serves as our YouTube strategist. She is the mastermind behind the development, production, and editing of our YouTube show.

Amélie Pizza

Heather is an accomplished digital artist and graduate of Tulane. She has extensive experience in the design, hospitality, tourism, and marketing industries. Her keen eye for detail, coupled with her unique combination of education and experience make Heather an expert on bringing a wedding vision to life.

She channels her natural ability to organize and manage details to bring her clients the peace of mind they need to enjoy the wedding day. 

She's renovating and designing her new home, follow along  at @ourhomegreystone. You’ll catch her there with her hubby Nick and gorgeous baby girl. She'll have some cajun cooking going, while simultaneously knocking out home repairs! 

Heather Schwaner

When you meet Amber, it takes about 3 minutes to realize “I can trust this girl with IT ALL.” She is self-assured and clear headed, a hard worker, a doer, and a problem solver.

Amber is a first-generation college graduate of SLU. She began working at Papa Johns at just 14 years old (2 hours per shift because she was so young) and worked her way up to management by age 18. Now she is leading LA into the telehealth future with Ocshner, while moonlighting as a kick butt wedding pro! 

She's optimist, a romantic, and a lover of all things vintage and retro. She has a list of hidden talents … including car mechanics! I Amber has all the natural intuition and developed skill to bring a wedding vision to life. 

Amber Wallace

Pastry chef, wife, mother of three (terrific children), fearless Girl Scout leader and role model, retailer, and wedding guru. Now, we’ve scratched the surface of Laura’s colorful and rich life! She’s the perfect mix of detail-oriented and fun-loving. If you’re looking for a coordinator that’s hard-working, conscientious, and down for a good time, she’s your girl!

At happy hour she asks for the specialty cocktail but always orders a Jameson and Ginger. On a day off, you’ll catch her riding bikes, kayaking, shopping, and having dinner at a new restaurant. Really, ask her if you need a NOLA restaurant recommendation.

 We know you’ll love Laura’s self-assured and easy personality from the day you meet her, but even more on wedding day!

Laura Rogan

Naomi is loyal, outgoing, funny, and can anticipate others’ needs like no one else. She’s always one step ahead of problems and navigates them with ease and grace. Plus, she’s forever coming in clutch with the comic relief!

Naomi is a graduate of James Madison University, where she earned a BS in Public Administration and a MsED in Human Resource Management/Adult Education. In her 9-5, she consults on HR with a team across 14 states. Then she brings all that expertise to her wedding clients as a Lead Wedding Coordinator.

On a day off, you’ll find her relaxing with her wife over their latest Netflix fav. If you need a local restaurant recommendation, she’s your girl! She makes a point to always support our local NOLA restaurant community. She also finds time for travel and calls Thailand and London her top picks.

Being on Naomi’s team is a total joy for us, and we know you’ll love having her on your team as well. She’ll cherish the chance to bring your vision to life, and you won’t be able to wipe off the smiles she brings to your face!

Naomi Hill

Lizzie is detailed oriented, uber-organized, a hospitalitarian to her core, and remarkably calm under pressure. She refined that natural cool composure as an associate producer with CNN’s Piers Morgan and CNN Tonight and in her work with Union Square Hospitality (NY, NY) and Strategic Hospitality (Nashville, TN).

On her time off you’ll catch her sitting in the backyard, taking walks with her fiancé, or being the best aunt ever to her nephew. She loves an Old Fashion but also knows a ton about wine and can create the ultimate charcuterie board.

Lizzie has an easy smile and a warm heart that will immediately welcome you (and your guests) in. She gently takes charge and makes room for the joy she wants every couple to feel on their day. You can hand over all the details to her and rest easy knowing she’s GOT IT! 

Lizzie Brubaker

Her warm smile and easy disposition will put you at ease within a few minutes of meeting. And then her can-do spirit will quickly begin to lift the stress from your shoulders. Brianne is a reliable and hard-working leader that can confidently take the reins to execute your wedding day. 

 She holds a bachelor's degree in Education from the SLU and has training in leadership and PR. She maintains high levels of positivity, dedication, organization, and care for each of her clients. 
 She’s a wife and proud mama to two beautiful babies. She relishes in their company and never misses a chance to sneak in a family walk or mini-vacay. But if she’s going big, you’ll find her at a beach resort, fresh lime margarita in hand. 

Brianne is also a total sucker for a great party. Her gentle directness will guarantee that your wedding day is just that…. A GREAT PARTY! 

Brianne Dees

Adrienne is the proud founder of the Uncommon Camellia brand. She spends most her time behind the scenes but still takes on a few weddings per year. Who could stay away from all that fun?! 

She's wife to Fritz, and mama to Turner, June, August, Hank and pup Beaullieu. She loves walks to the farmer's market, sipping coffee on the porch, talking shop over wine, planning trips and adventures, and enjoying the company of her sweet family.

She has a bachelors degree in Business Management and a masters in Counseling. Adrienne’s approach to weddings and business is centered on strong alliances with clients, co-workers and colleagues.

Adrienne Brink

We select smart, ambitious professionals who have the innate gifts of great wedding professionals. Through our in house certification program, we build upon her unique educational and life experiences.  We believe and adhere to the power of positivity in the work place, the pursuit of excellence, a strict no gossip policy, and the importance of always lifting each other up.


why we are

Brocato photography collective

Together, we are a group of dedicated wedding professionals, with proven experience. We coordinate, plan and design weddings because we find joy in serving others and making an impact in their lives.

Uncommon Camellia is the brand and company developed by the women you see pictured on this website. As a team, we pool our resources to provide a superior level of wedding coordination service while maintaining a very competitive price point. We have been able to do this because of our commitment to developing processes and tools that are focused on serving the needs of our clients. We have listened to you, our clients, and created the services you REALLY need and want.

Our Mission is an exceptional wedding experience for every client through a network of internally vetted wedding professionals. We are very proud that every woman is part of a supportive team that provides advice and shares experiences. We take continuing education, team building, and a positive work environment seriously.

Uncommon Camellia has found success because we love the work we do and feel supported by each other. We take great pride in a company culture that supports and esteems women and encourages their success. We welcome everyone, value each others differences and take care to show respect to those we encounter.

We extend that same encouragement and positive energy to our clients and it pays off for them too. So much so, that our clients are constantly telling us that we were the best decision they made when planning their wedding. We hope you’ll find the same to be true!