Oct 31, 2019

Tasteful Trends for a Halloween Wedding

October 31st Wedding: A Touch of Halloween without the Theme

Next year Halloween is on a Saturday. This year, the last day of October was one of the top 10 most popular dates to get married. That means there’s a many couples are contemplating October 31, 2020, as their wedding date.

And I think its safe to say that not all of them are Halloween Junkies! While we honestly love Halloween and have enjoyed a few Halloween themed weddings, we get that not everyone who gets married on October 31st wants a knock down drag out Halloween Bash for their wedding reception.

Tastefully Halloween Touches

Here’s the thing, you can absolutely plan a wedding on October 31st that tastefully incorporates a little Halloween fun, without going all out Spooktacular. I’m going to give you the top 5 trends to incorporate into your Halloween wedding, along with some advice on keeping the haunting holiday from overshadowing your nuptials.

Avoid Pitfalls

Let’s start with some important considerations before we get to the super fun Halloween trends for 2020.

Parking and Transportation

If you are planning a wedding in the city, check and see what local bars, venues, and clubs have Halloween events nearby. Also check for festivals and parades that may affect your guests route to your wedding. If your event venue will be affected by other nearby events, consider providing a transportation plan on your wedding website or with your invitation. On Halloween, the prices for on demand transportation like Uber or Lyft are higher, and availability is limited.

Trick or Treating

If you are considering a public area for your ceremony, such as a park, you may have heavier foot traffic than usual. And that foot traffic may be in costume. The same goes for private homes, B&B’s and any venue that may be mistaken as a good place to trick or treat. An enclosed building or courtyard will keep uninvited trick or treaters from crashing your wedding.

Suggested Attire

When you don’t plan to go all in on the Halloween theme, give guests some guidance as far as attire. Otherwise, you might have some unexpected wonder womans, batmans, and political figures (Halloween 2020 is just 3 days before the presidential election) attending your wedding.

2020 Halloween Wedding Trends

Now on to some really stellar Halloween trends. The devil is in the details, so lets explore 5 tasteful ways to add the perfect touch of magic to your Halloween wedding.

Wedding Dress Trend: The Cape



Let’s start with my favorite trend of the 5, the cape. Yes, a full-length bridal cape is a dramatic high style option that just can’t help but make for a mysterious and mystical bride or groom! Do you know how much fun your photographer will have with this? So much fun. Check out my favorite capes on etsy:

Ethereal & Everlasting Elegance

Ethereal & Everlasting Elegance



And don’t forget to brush up on your capeology.

Wedding Décor Trend: Lighting & Videomapping

Couples are interested in unique lighting now more than ever. Choosing a mystical chandelier for your focal point is a bold option for your décor. Lanterns are another element that can add a bit of haunt.

For a big statement consider videomapping a spooky scene for a portion of your reception. If you are not familiar, this is projection technique that can turn your venue into a display surface for video projection. Check out this YouTube video of videomapping on a home. What an unexpected twist this could be on the exterior of your venue as guests exit or even when they enter!

Wedding Dessert Trend: Trick or Treat Table

Cakes in Bloom

Cakes in Bloom

In addition to or in lieu of a traditional cake, consider have an entire trick or treat table. Skip the mini chocolate bars, and ask your bakery for personalized treats with a spooky vibe. For a more dramatic feel, choose a deathly groom’s cake like this one from Cakes in Bloom.

I also can’t help but love the skelton mermaid tails! Imagine those in your wedding colors.

Wedding Sustainability Trend: Compostable Place Card Holders

Nob Hill Jane

Nob Hill Jane

Eco weddings are all the rage, so why not take advantage of the compostable pumpkin, gourd or squash. Hire a lettering artist to paint your guests’ names and you have a perfect place card that doubles as a favor. Check out the work of Nob Hill Jane for some inspo!

Wedding Makeup Trend: Edgy Eye Makeup

Melissa Vaccaro

Melissa Vaccaro

2020 makeup trends are edgy, mysterious, and even spooky. So why not be on trend and on theme with your makeup? If you love a fashion forward look, try more extreme eyeliner trends. We love this look from our super talented stylist friend Melissa Vaccaro.

These 5 trends can add a Halloween touch to a wedding vision that is otherwise free of the haunted holiday.

Check out our YouTube video on this same topic, Happy Halloween and Happy Wedding Planning.




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