Jun 26, 2020

10 Summer Outdoor Wedding Tips

1. Ceremony Just Before Sunset

The hottest part of the day is around 3 p.m., right? After that is starts to get cooler and cooler. Check timeanddate.com to find out the time for sunset in your city. You can put in the exact date and it will tell you the time of sunset.  If sunset happens at 7:30 pm, the best lighting for pictures is about one hour prior. So start your ceremony at 6:30. Good for pictures, but also the heat will be much more bearable.

2. Offer Fans

Offer mini fans, paper or battery operated. Print your programs on paper fans. It’s a fun way to help your guests cool off. There are also inexpensive battery operated fans that would make a favor that people will actually use later!

3. Provide Shade

Direct sunlight even close to sunset can be unbearable. Make sure outdoor venues offer plenty shades.

4. Send Save the Dates Early

Many people travel in the summer. Your guests may plan vacations or your wedding may be in a place where many are vacationing. So keep that in mind and send save the dates early enough that people can book their travel plans before hotels and flights are all booked up.

5. Serve Iced Drinks

Snoballs – nothing cools guests off like snoballs. It’s hard to feel hot while eating one. Another option is frozen daiquiris or margaritas.

6. Account for Bugs

Have the grounds sprayed for bugs during the week of the wedding. Gnats and mosquitos are most active around dusk, which is exactly when you don’t want them there. Your venue may already have this covered, but don’t assume. Offering bug spray to guests can work, but it’s not ideal and also not as effective as having the grass sprayed.

7. Have Water Readily Available

Include ice-cold water stations throughout the space. Don’t make guests wait at the bar for water. Iced decanters of water can be refilled all night and provide quick relief from the heat. Also, make sure you have enough bars. When it’s hot, people like to keep a drink in hand, so you’ll find the line for the bar longer.

8. Select the Right Rentals

The very commonly used white vinyl chairs can get very hot. If your chairs will be exposed to direct sunlight, consider a chair with fabric that will not get so hot.

9. Pick a Cool Getting Ready Location

If you will do a good bit of pictures prior to the wedding, choose a getting ready location that allows for indoor pictures. This ensures that your makeup and hair will be fresh for the ceremony.

10. Fans and Portable AC Units

There are portable fans and AC units that you can rent from your local event rental company. However, beware of how loud these can be. Check with your rental company, some models are relatively quiet.

Summer weddings are my favorite, especially when some considerations are taken to keep the guests cool and comfortable. Thank you for reading and Happy Wedding Planning.




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