Feb 27, 2020

How To Get A Wedding Second Line Permit & Escort: STEP BY STEP

Second line parades are a great addition to your NOLA wedding, here’s how to get the required permit and police escort. Remember this is required for ANY event parading in the streets, and yes they do have people checking on this, so don’t risk having a second line without both.

You Can Do This Yourself

If you are paying someone else to coordinate the permit and escort for your second line, this video is not for you. I’m going to tell you how to do this yourself.

What’s It Going To Cost You

Let’s start with the cost, since many of you may be here just for that.  As of January 2020, when this video was filmed, the cost of the permit is $100.25. I called and confirmed that price with the office. For a wedding second line parade the fee is $100.25. 

For the police escort the minimum cost is $384.97. There are some situations where this fee could be higher, but we find most second lines escorts fall in this range. I’m going to go into more detail on this price and how to pay it later.

But the total for the parade permit and escort is $485.22. If you must cancel due to rain or some other reason, you have until (2) hours prior to the event or all police fees are forfeited. 

Required Documents

Second Line Route.jpg

Now, before you go and fill out the necessary forms, you need to choose a parade route.

A second line parade should be around half of a mile long. 1 mile is the max for guest comfort, and that is even pushing it. Remember people are dressed for a wedding.

Take note that you cannot go against the flow of traffic for your parade. So if it is a one way street, you can’t go the wrong way, even if it is just for a block.

The route begins with the address of the starting location, then includes simple directions with street names, and a final address for the desination.

It should look something like this:

Route: 1116 Chartres St (St. Mary’s Church). Down Chartres to Governor Nicholls. Right on Governor Nicholls. Right on Decatur. Left on St. Phillip. Right on Decatur. Disband: 914 N. Peters (Marche)

Keep in mind that routes may be slightly altered by the One Stop Shop office due to varying issues, for instance you cannot parade on Bourbon St after 8:00 p.m.


Now, on to the application itself. It’s says you must submit this at least 15 days prior to the date of your second line parade. But the website suggests that for best results and optimum service, submit these forms at least 90 days prior especially if you are doing it my mail.

Master Application

Go to https://www.nola.gov/onestop/events/parades/parade-race-permit/.

In most cases you’ll only need to complete the Master Event Application and Supplement C – Parade. The Supplement B – Street Closure/Block Party is needed if you plan to tow cars from your route or purchase meters. And Supplement G – Safety and Security – If you have any type of fire-related activity during your parade/race

Click on Master Event Application and answer ALL the questions.

Now, I know you know, but I need to say it. You do need to read all of these and make sure you are answering accurately for the details of your second line.

When you are finished with the application, save that as a PDF, you’ll need it in just a minute. In the past, you could submit this electronically, but right now it seems the only option to to send it by mail or drop it off in person.

Supplement C – Parade

Go back to the the link https://www.nola.gov/onestop/events/parades/parade-race-permit/ and this time click on Supplement C – Parade.

Fill that out entirely, save it as a PDF for later.

Create a Map

Now for your map, go to https://www.google.com/maps, type in your start location. 

Click directions, move that start location up and choose your final destination. Choose the walking icon. Move your route around so it matches what you actually want.

Print the screen, paste it in a word document and you’ll have it print and attach to your app.

Pull It All Together

Now in the past their was an option to complete this application and submit it online. However, that system is down, so as of January 2020, you’ll need to print the completed Master Application, the completed Schedule C and the route. Write your check for $100.25 and mail or deliver it in person to the One Stop Shop, City Hall, 7th floor, 1300 Perdido St., New Orleans 70112. 

Then What: Approved Permit

Permit Second Line.jpg

When your permit is approved, you’ll receive a document that looks like this one, likely by email. 

Review the application and verify the correct date, time and route. You’ll see here, the route is listed. If you have a coordinator, planner, band, they will want to know that route. So when they ask, now you know where to find it. As I mentioned before, the route may be slightly altered. 


Agreement Second Line.jpg

With the permit you’ll receive an agreement that looks like this: 

So you’ll need to go ahead and complete this form as well.

You are the employer, so list your own name there along with your address phone number. 

Read carefully through your contract, initial, date and sign.

You’ll need to return this agreement by email. And then you’ll get the invoice for the police escort cost, which I said earlier would run you a minimum of $384.97.

When you get the invoice you can pay by Company Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, ACH transaction or Credit Card. No personal checks for this.

Brass Band Permit Coordination

Now if all this sounds like too much, then you can ask your brass band to arrange the permit and escort for an additional fee. Most of these booking companies will send out a representative to the actual parade to make sure that everything goes as planned.

If you are more of a visual learner, watch our YouTube video where we actually fill out the forms on the video. It is super straightforward!

Thank you for watching and Happy Wedding Planning




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