Oct 9, 2019

Quick Tips on How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Coordinator

A Simple Exercise to Find Your Perfect Wedding Coordinator

You’ve spent or plan to spend months of designing, researching, planning, booking, and developing your wedding plan. Now you want to hand this over to someone who will take the reins so you can be the guest of honor at your wedding (and the not frazzled hostess/host). You want to hire a wedding coordinator and you want her to be a perfect match for you and your wedding. There’s actually a secret strategy to get you this result.

The crazy thing about this tip, is not only does it get your better professionals, you’re your wedding budget worth more! You’ll get more bang for your buck, y’all. So what is it? Let’s start with this quote from Warren Buffet (third-wealthiest person in the world)

‘The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now, at least, is to hone your communication skills — both written and verbal.’ – Warren Buffet.

And yep, the secret is communication. Communication is the exact thing that will find you your perfect coordinator match. Try this simple exercise to define and clearly communicate your expectations to your wedding coordinator and every wedding pro you hire.

Simple Exercise Step 1: Imagine the Worst

To find the perfect match in a wedding coordinator, you’ve first got to imagine the worst. Take a minute and think through your future wedding day. Imagine that you wake up the day after your wedding and unfortunately, you are completely disappointed with the service provided by your wedding coordinator. You feel like it was a waste of money, you feel like you hired the wrong person, you feel like she didn’t show up for you as you needed.

Simple Exercise Step 2: Think About What Went Wrong

Alright, now that you’re feeling disappointed and maybe a little stressed, think about what she did wrong (yes, you are still imagining). What do you think caused you to feel this way? Is there something she did not deliver on? Are there items that she forgot? Are there things that you expected her to do but she never did. Did she give you push back when you asked for things? Did she seem to be on another page than you? What happened?

Ok, great, now let’s solve this problem before it ever comes close to happening. Let’s solve this problem so good that you get the opposite. Let’s make its so that you wake up the next morning like, daaaang that was a good decision. That woman rocked it! Best money I spent, and most importantly BEST. DAY. EVER.

Simple Exercise Step 3: Write a Note to Your Future Wedding Coordinator

Write a note to that wedding coordinator that you imagined and explain to her all the things that you wish she would have done. Give her advice on how she could do better next time. Tell her what questions you wish she should have asked. Tell her what she missed. Tell her how she could have made your wedding day more of what you wanted.

Now save that information for when you start looking for a Wedding Coordinator. If you read our blog post on Coordinator vs. Planner vs. Designer, you know, that it is super important to find a Wedding Coordinator who is a great listener and a clear communicator. So when you share this information, you’ll be on the look out to see if your coordinator hears you out and is open to your requests.

Simple Exercise Step 4: How to Use This Letter

This description of what you wish your imagined coordinator would have done is your formula for YOUR perfect wedding coordinator. It’s the tool in your back pocket to share with every coordinator you interview. She’s going to review her services, and as she does that listen to see if she regularly does the things you hope for. If she doesn’t mention them, ask directly if those things can be done. You are essentially telling her up front “hey, this is what I want, this is how I hope this relationship plays out, this is how to get a 5 star review from me.” By doing this you set clear expectations with her that she can then fulfill for you.

But Wait, Shouldn’t She Already Know What to Do?

“An expectation that you do not communicate is called a thought.” – Chris Hogan

I love this quote about expectations because communicating what you want is just the most amazing thing you can do for your wedding, your marriage, and your life! Let me answer the question I asked in the section title. Shouldn’t she already know what to do?

A great wedding coordinator knows how a typical wedding goes, she knows the common wedding hiccups and how to quickly resolve them. She brings along the necessary tools to streamline issues. She is proactive, a planner, and an anticipator of needs. But though she may try, she can’t read your mind! She doesn’t know your dreams unless you tell her. But IF you tell her, if you let her into your world, you open yourself up to the possibility of a beautiful relationship with this woman. You give her the opportunity to lift you up, to bring your plans to life, to give you support and care for you on the best day of your life.

My Dream Client

Gosh, I want to be that person for every bride I work with. If she lets me be that person, that’s my dream. But she’s got to let me in, she got to trust me and share her wants with me. She’s got to know what she wants, she’s got to know herself and know what makes her tick, know what ticks her off!

An Atmosphere of Trust

I try to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance so she can share that with me. But she also must take that leap, that trust fall into my arms. She’s got to share with someone she barely knows what it is that she wants and needs. I’ve had many clients that I felt deeply connected to. Those are the clients that trusted me, they told me their dreams but also their fears. And with that information, I lifted them up. I gave them my all, I went above and beyond for them. And I loved doing it. I loved coordinating for them. We developed a trusting relationship that made us a perfect match of client and coordinator.

The Secret to the Perfect Wedding Coordinator is Communication

So there it is y’all that’s how to hire the perfect wedding coordinator for you. A little secret that will go a long way!




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