Nov 12, 2020

How to Create a Wedding Mood Board in 5 Easy Steps

The mood board is the one-page collection of pictures and colors that showcase the overall mood or vibe that you want for your wedding. Creating your own and give direction to your wedding planning project and help you to produce a cohesive, authentic wedding day.

Step 1

Find one picture that serves as your inspiration. If you haven’t already, watch our video on how to find inspiration for your wedding. This picture shouldn’t’ necessarily be of a wedding, but instead, it should be a picture of a place or an item that you love and that you feel speaks to your sense of style and design. It should contain the colors you love for your wedding.

Step 2

Pull 4-5 main colors from this picture as your palette. Make a graphic on the side of your board with the colors.

Step 3

Add a picture you love of the venue or type of venue you’ll choose. Give that a larger placement on the board as an anchor for the board. If you can find a picture without another wedding in it, that is best. A clean space will work better to communicate your vision.

Step 4

Find 5 or 6 pictures of the most important details you want to include. Choose pictures that are within the color palette of the inspiration pictures. Maybe a large floral installment, a bouquet, or a certain tablescape, a cake, bridesmaids dresses, a vintage car. If the colors don’t match, change the color of the item on your mood board. You aren’t limited to the specific colors you find in pictures. You can modify those.

Step 5

Lastly, print the board for yourself, and put it in your planner or on your fridge. Also, save it as a PDF to share with anyone working on your wedding. This is your best tool to keep you and your vendor team focused on a unified vision.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you for reading and happy wedding planning.



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