Sep 3, 2020

UC General Meeting 2020

Our mission to bring an exceptional wedding experience to every couple we work with. There are so many processes and tools that we use to make that happen. But honestly, all of that is useless without the sisterhood.

Every year we spend a full day learning, growing, and bonding with each other. We call this day our General Meeting, and this year it was held at Infinity Farms Venue in Carriere, Mississippi.

We started with learning, bringing together our mentor and lead coordinators first to really dig into new processes and services. This is our veteran group, and it’s amazing to sit around a table with them. Their insights into our clients and our business are invaluable. Every step forward UC takes, is shaped by this group. 

Then we brought in our entire 20 person team. The focus is on appreciation, culture, and values. We talk about what UC has accomplished and our goals for the future. We set goals individually and our team goals are modified based on what we as a team are really working towards.

We had a small group book study with Jon Gordon’s book The Energy Bus. This turned out to be my favorite part of the day. Groups of 3-4 coordinators sat together and shared what excites them, what scares them, the why behind our work, and how they plan to invest in each other over the next year.

Wedding coordinators have a servant’s heart, our job is all about serving others. But on this day, I want my team to feel that same feeling that our clients feel. That they are cared for and cherished, that their experience is important. So we made some time to play too with cocktails poolside and dinner an intimate nook of the Infinity Farms garden.

To finish the day, we gathered around the perfect view of sunset for dessert and awards. Our team votes for each other for our awards. And they are all based on company values, hard work, and client experience.

This is my favorite workday of the year. It’s a challenge, one that I work towards most of the year. In this one day, the culture of our company must draw in every team member. I want every woman to walk away feeling refreshed but also inspired. I want friendships to build. I want each person to feel welcomed into a positive and encouraging community. And this year it happened. It was a dream that I’m still reflecting upon and one that I know I will draw from throughout the entire year. This is Uncommon Camellia, and this is how we cultivate our unique culture. UC General Meeting 2020.





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