Mar 18, 2020

Wedding Postponed Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Now What?

So you postponed your wedding due to Coronavirus, now what?

A Note of Thanks

Can I first just say hey, thank you for being a good-hearted person. Thank you for choosing to postpone your wedding rather than cancel it. You made a choice that has a significant positive effect on many other people’s lives at a time of extreme certainty.

So thank you for that, truly.

Also, I know it’s not possible for everyone, but you did this pretty quickly, and that too is helpful. It’s better economically, but for your guests, it is also very gracious of you. Though not by choice, you sort of became a leader when it comes to dealing with this pandemic. You are making decisions that affect a large group of the people you love most. So by making a postponement decision quickly and setting your new date, you have given everyone direction and hope about a future coming soon where coronavirus is no longer a threat to our lives. So thank you for spreading hope.

Next Steps

But now that this new date is settled, let’s talk about your next steps. What will need to happen between now and your new date?

A Couple of Assumptions

At this point, I’m assuming that you have already

1.       Confirmed your new date with your venue and all your wedding professionals. And by confirm, I mean that you have signed new contracts with everyone you’ve hired.


2.       Informally told all your guests. Text, email, phone call, shouting from your rooftop, however you choose, you’ve got to do this immediately.

The Post Postponement To-Do List

Now its time to make a to-do list of the new things you need to do. You can also shoot us an email at and we will send you a Coronavirus Wedding Postponement To-Do List. Put Postponement To-Do List in the email subject line.

The list should include:

  1. Get cancellation insurance. Maybe you didn’t do this the first time around, and but you need to do it this time. You have got to do everything possible to make sure you aren’t having nightmares about your wedding canceling from here until your new date. Cancellation insurance is more expensive than general liability insurance. Now, it’s not going to cover COVID-19 because that’s something we know about now. What it will cover are any other unknown circumstances that could affect your wedding. Try WedSure.

  2. Make a new list of all the bills you pay and those you now owe. Remember to make a note about any additional payments you’ll need to make for services. And yes, you may be charged some additional fees for your postponement. Now we are in an unpredictable situation, so you might wonder “well why would anyone charge me more?” It comes down to whether you will require additional work from that professional as a result of the change. If you get your house cleaned and then by some act of God it gets dirty again, say there’s a flood or a small fire, would you expect a free house cleaning? No. So think about costs you’ll have to pay again, getting your dress fitted again, paying your planner or coordinator to contact your professionals again for the new date, or complete an additional final walk through or revise your timeline, if you want to get a new set of engagement pictures, do another makeup trial. Those are costs you need to add to your budget.

  3. Check-in with all your wedding professionals at the half-way point. Particularly if you are planning your own wedding. We don’t know what the future holds right now, but what we do know is that we are in a phase where everything is changing quickly every day. No one can predict the future. So go ahead and put it on your calendar to check in with your wedding professionals in a couple of months. This gives you a marker to say, hey I’m not worrying about this again until this date. And then after contacting them, you can rest assured that everyone is well and there is no cause for concern. Also, you have hired this team, they are working for you, and your good wishes mean more than you know.

  4. Choose a change the date card. Wait to send it until 6 weeks prior just as you did your invitation. You can do it electronically, but if it’s in the budget, many of your guests will likely love getting a card like this in the mail. Check out this free template from InvitoBella.

  5. Update your wedding website with whatever details you have.

  6. Plan a mini celebration for your original wedding date.

  7. Add all the items you’ll have to “Do-Over” for this new date. Even if you are keeping the same day of the week, the same vendors, and the same venue, you still will have to do all the final month of duties again.


  • Mailing your change the dates

  • Gathering info to get your marriage license

  • Finalizing the menu (likely, the exact menu will not be available)

  • Rebook your hotel rooms (you did cancel the old reservation right?)

  • Plan a brunch

  • Reprint your programs, menus, table cards with updated info

  • Schedule a hair and makeup run-through

  • Make sure your wedding party has their attire squared away, (did anyone have a baby or become pregnant since your original date?)

  • Update your registry if most guests haven’t already sent you gifts.

  • Welcome bags and letter

  • Re-confirm with all your wedding professionals

  • Schedule a final walk-through at your venue

  • Update your wedding day timeline with any changes

  • Update your seating chart

  • Re-write your vows or toast as you probably have something different to say at this point!

  • Have another a final dress fitting

  • Turn in your final guest count

  • Go get your marriage license

And again if you email me, I’ll send you this list electronically.

The Most Important Step

But here’s the most important thing I need to tell you. DO NOT do anything on this list for at least one month. Take a break from it all. You need a wedding planning cleanse and you need it badly. If you already did the first 2, telling vendors and telling guests the new date, then everything else can wait.

Things continue to change with this pandemic, and doing things in haste now will have negative consequences later. Focus on something other than the wedding for the next month. By then you’ll have better information, resources will be more available, and you will be refreshed and ready to take this on again.

So please do make this list, you need to get it out of your head and know that you have a plan. But DO NOT worry about checking ANYTHING off this list right now.

Thank you for reading and happy break from wedding planning.





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