Jan 2, 2020

2020 New Orleans Wedding Trends

It’s officially 2020, so let’s talk about the wedding trends for this coming year. Specifically, what’s trending in New Orleans! Customized and experiential weddings have become more and more sought after, and in 2020 customization will expand across the entire wedding experience.

Custom Menus

So let’s get to the good stuff right out of the gate. In 2020, there will be a growing focus on creating an experiential catering menu. More food trucks, more interactive food stations, multiple chefs and caterers in one wedding. My House Events in New Orleans specializes in doing just this, and their timing could not be more perfect with the growing interest in this new catering option.

Restored Churches

New Orleans has a rich religious history, with a church on practically every corner. Over time, many of the historic churches have been closed, damaged, or even destroyed. Several have been restored and converted into some of our most sought after venues in the city. The large open spaces lend themselves to very customizable experiences. (Notice that focus again, everything is custom in 2020). Most of these old churches are more than 150 years old. They have character and meaning all their own. Couples are searching for a backdrop to draw their guests into their genuine story as a couple. These venues seem to do just that.

Late Night Snacks

This next one is a total crowd-pleaser.  In the last half hour of your reception, give your guests what they are craving, hot beignets, wood-fired pizza, lucky dogs, chicken and waffles. I don’t eat catered food at weddings, and truthfully I don’t care to eat, I’m busy, I’m working. But when the bring out garlic aioli fries, it takes all my will power to tell that server “Oh no thank you.”

Longer Ceremonies

Millennials are ages 23-38, similar to the average age of engaged couples. Statistically, this generation is less religious than previous generations, and many say they do not belong to any religion. Yet, they do identify with spirituality, saying they seek meaning and spiritual connections. We are starting to see that spirituality in the non-religious wedding ceremony. There are more readings, some from scripture, but many from books, movies, and songs that have meaning for the couple. I’m also seeing it in the music for ceremonies. Couples are hiring musicians to play the music that speaks to their souls. Everything from gospel choirs, meditative changes, rock, pop, fusion. The genre doesn’t matter, as long as it is their music, what inspires them as individuals and as a couple. This trend is new, it’s just catching, but it’s going to be big.  

Inclusive Menus

Back to food for a second, couples are making sure every guest can enjoy a meal within their dietary preferences or restrictions. Inclusive menus are complicated but becoming more and more common.

Smokin’ Hot Special Exit

Couples are planning in detail through the finish of the reception. I get this question a ton. “Any ideas for cool exit?” Well here’s my best suggestion right now, non-toxic colored smoke sticks. Colored smoke is pretty, and it makes for interesting and creative photography, plus no cleanup. Wanna try it out, go buy a couple at the fireworks stand!

Unique Entertainment

Couples are dropping many of the traditional special moments we’ve come to expect, no bouquet or garter tosses, no formal dances, unannounced cake cutting, but they are scheduling other special moments. And beyond any of the trends I’ve shared this one trend will be the one guests never forget. In 2020, I expect couples to hire unique entertainers, appropriate to their own story. Cultural dancers, magicians, poets, drum lines.  Entertainment that they love and want to bring to their guests.

If you’re planning a NOLA wedding, you’ll really want to read this blog all about New Orleans Wedding Traditions.




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