May 14, 2020

Engaged? Now What?

The ring is your finger, you’re spreading the news and you are ready to start planning. There’s literally no fluff here. These are the 5 things to jump-start your wedding planning process, right after you get engaged. 

1. Set Your Budget

It is certainly not the most glamourous piece of planning your wedding, but it is the most important. This is the foundation for enjoying the process. Lucky for you there are some really great resources for how to do that.

Try the Wedding Report Cost Estimator. This super-smart form allows you to enter your wedding location and specifics and then gives you a research-based estimate. It’s the best estimator I have ever seen, by far.

Also, watch our video on this subject. We have a budget setting spreadsheet we can send you as well. Just email us at and say send me the budget spreadsheet!

2. Pick a Time of Year

Rather than choosing a specific date, look at what season or month you want to be married. This will give you flexibility as you tour venues. Your favorite place may not be available on a specific date but likely has a date in your season available.

3.  Blackout Dates

When picking a time of year, you also need to look at that season or month and blackout dates that are a no go. Check for holidays, sports schedules, graduations, and anything that would prevent those you love most from attending. Make this search thorough. You can tell your closest loved ones, “We are looking at this season, are there any dates that you absolutely cannot do?” You won’t be able to accommodate every single conflict, but you can avoid the big ones.

4. Venue Search

Now it is time to do a venue search. Looking at venues will give you inspiration and help you define the style of wedding you want to have. You don’t have to tour every single venue in your location. Instead schedule tours with a few that seem to fit after doing some online research. Many people seem to feel like one venue or another just fits. And that requires you to go inside and get a feel for it. If after your first round of tours, you don’t feel like you’ve found the right one, schedule another round. When you meet venue reps, make sure you listen and gather all the amazing advice they have. We wrote a blog on some of that advice here.

5. Get Organized

Set up a wedding organization system and start planning. Of course you have heard that being engaged can be a bit chaotic and busy. Organization on the front end is going to save you the heartache and frustration of losing or misplacing important ideas and documents. We did a series on this exact topic that includes setting up a wedding calendar, a shared electronic folder system, and a hard copy filing system.

Thank you for reading this blog, and happy wedding planning! Uncommon Camellia offers wedding coordination in New Orleans as well as consultations to get your wedding plans on track. If you are considering hiring a New Orleans Wedding Planner, start with us!




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