Dec 3, 2020

15 Items to Purchase for Your Wedding

I’m going to share all the most common personal items couples purchase for the ceremony and reception. This is not about DIY’ing centerpieces or pew markers or bring your own linens or furniture! It’s the small stuff. I’m going to list 15 personal items you should consider purchasing. I will say that many couples leave till the last minute, and rush order from Amazon. But with some forethought it can be fun finding items that are authentically you, that feel meaningful to your guests and that can be keepsakes for years to come.

Signage (Items 1-4)

The first four items are signage. Your welcome sign, reserved signs, an unplugged or other type of ceremony sign, and a schedule of events. Now you can go a few different routes with this, hire a calligrapher or graphic designer to make these, find a template on etsy, have a woodworker create something, use vinyl. There’s no wrong way to do it. But the more it feels like you the better.

Also consider purchasing or renting an easel for any signage that needs it.

Cake (Items 5-7)

A nice Wedding Cake Server and Knife can be a keepsake you’ll use for special occasions and your children’s birthday party for the rest of your life. Choose something beautiful and have it engraved with your names and date.

The next cake item is your toasting flutes. Crystal is always beautiful, and I’ve seen couples get creative with hand blown glass, subbing the champagne glass for a whiskey glass. I’ve also seen couples have milk with their cake. Like the other items, it’s all about bringing out your personality.
Cake toppers and stands.

The stand you can rent, and unless you want something very unique, I encourage you to do so. If you are going with a smaller cake, and want a special stand, go for it. You may be able to use smaller stands later.

I love a Cake Topper. My parents have theirs in a glass globe in their china cabinet, so I guess it’s nostalgic for me. Etsy is a great resource for all sorts of personalized options. Plus this can be a fun Christmas gift to your fiancé before the wedding. Some can even be used as Christmas ornaments after the wedding.

Pictures and Frames

Next are pictures and frames. Bridals and engagement pictures are often framed. Some couples frame pictures of their parents at their weddings or do a memory table for lost loved ones.

Guest Sign-in Book and Pen

Polaroid pictures, cookbooks, coffee table books, and framed art or pictures are all options. You can also buy a traditional guestbook and have your guests simply sign in.

For the pen, it’s another chance to purchase a keepsake. We often send our couples to Scriptura for their collection of high quality, beautiful writing pens. And of course, you’ll keep using a nice pen!

Card Box

There really should be a place for cards. People feel uneasy about setting their card (with money) just anywhere. If you can find something that is somewhat secure but also beautiful, that is your best bet.

Bar Items

You might want to do personalized napkins, go cups, koozies, special stirrers.


Either do something great or skip it altogether. If you consider guest experience for favors you’ll choose something worthwhile. If it’s hot, a personalized fan, if it’s cold a scarf, if its destination a traditional souvenir.

Special Exit Props

We have an entire video on this, but some quick ideas are sparklers, confetti sticks, bubbles, flower petals, or streamers.

Ceremony Programs

Ceremony programs can be simple or in-depth, but whatever they are, don’t wait till the last minute and let this stress you out.

And there it is 15 personal décor items you may want to purchase for your wedding day! Here’s the list all in one place:

  1. Welcome Sign
  2. Reserved Signs
  3. Unplugged/Ceremony Sign
  4. Schedule of Events
  5. Wedding Cake Server and Knife
  6. Toasting Flutes
  7. Cake Topper and Stand
  8. Framed Pictures
  9. Guest Book
  10. Pen
  11. Card Box
  12. Personalized Bar Items
  13. Favors
  14. Exit Props
  15. Ceremony Programs

I hope this was helpful, thank you for reading the blog, and happy wedding planning!



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